Dare to be yourself

It is 110 years ago, 8th of March. The first strike by women in New York for better working conditions in the textile industry*. We celebrate the unity of women around the world. As a HR officer (HR stands for Happy Resources) for 25 years I’ve been observing different ways how women participate and act in (changing) working conditions, and it is amazing to see the beautiful developments. Additional to that, the young female generation makes this process rolling both in work and in social activities.

It is celebration time! So time to share gifts, candles, cake and be really happy about today and tomorrow. Because we made progress around the world. In some countries, women start getting the possibility to take driving lessons and drive. They get pieces of land to plant their own harvest, choose free gender, address loud and clear #MeToo, more black actresses in films/tv, decent work and in the Netherlands a proposal to give a fine to companies who pay women less for equal work; you can dare to be yourself and more.

And what we also can do to celebrate unity and progress, is to give appreciation to our inner circle of ladies. This helps the process of “hey, it is okay to be myself”.

True compliments & appreciation: work, friendship, dress, insight, activities, counsel…fill it in. Let it roll!  Get accustomed to empower your ladies’ inner circle which will form a complete network. More women being empowered; more youngsters (all gender) get influenced by this vibe. More inner and formal work/social conditions are getting into balance.

On 8th of March 1908, we started our unity & strive for better working conditions, being woman.

About the author:

I am Benedicta van Loon-Pardo, my mission is to lighten up Horizons. In work and personal development I wish to facilitate changes so people, teams are happy during their worktime and realize their goals with their talents.  Whereas both the employer and employee are happy in their own way. So I will change my name HR consultant to Chief people happy officer**.  www.dornasol.nl


**Thanks to a marketing lady, L.Heemskerk

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